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If you want to experience a different culture and feel you have something to contribute to the community, we are here to help you to provide an opportunity to put your efforts in that place, where your skill and experiences will be valued. Our volunteer tours are aimed at using volunteer tourists (voluntourist) efforts to support community development initiates in remote villages of Nepal and promote sustainable tourism mindful of the needs of the local people while at the same time giving travelers a great time and real adventure activities.

Program Requirements: There are no formal qualifications required to participate in this program, but volunteers must have a willingness to help and share a passion for working with those in need and should be 18+ years old. There is no upper age limit for participation. Participant should speak good English this is something the community wants your help to change.

Program Location: Volunteer placements are available in Kathmandu and our project areas in Mid hills of Nepal. The locations of the program placements can vary with regards to a number of issues. Placements are determined upon arrival with consideration of your interests and availability.

Area of Volunteering: The volunteer opportunities are in the following areas

Teaching English in School: Teaching in Nepal is one of the most needed and appreciated volunteer placements. In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children. To teach English at a Nepali school you don't need to have formal teaching qualifications, but a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience.

Work with NGO: We have many volunteer opportunities to work with NGO that has been working in the grassroots level supporting village empowerment in Nepal. Your Expertise is highly accepted in the field of Information technology (website projects, database development, desktop publishing), Trainings, monitoring and evaluation, planning, institutional capacity buildings, networking, marketing, grant writing, fundraising etc

Work with community: This is an opportunity to help in a wide range of practical village-based projects. Projects are usually decided upon in consultation with local communities, but you can use your initiative to suggest projects of your own. Example projects include school repair and decoration; toilet building; drinking water projects, environmental projects; stove building; health awareness, organization capacity buildings, construction work with partner organization’s etc.

Program Schedule: The volunteer program can be arrange acceding your need and time availability. The minimum placement period for the Teaching program is 6 weeks. The schools are closed during March, April, June, July and October so the teaching English program is limited during this period. September-November there are local festivals that can disrupt your program. If you are volunteering for month or less, we do not recommend starting your placement at this time of year. For those volunteering for a longer period of time, the festival does provide a great opportunity to interact with the local culture. Working with Development organization in Kathmandu, you can start any time does not limit your program.

Trip Overview
Trip duration: Two week to several months
Accommodation: Homestay and Lodges
Trip grade:
Best season: All year around
Group size: No minium no

Itinerary and Price :    Trip itinerary and prices will be quoted on request. Contact us at info@socialjourneys.com for more information



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