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Who we are

Social Journeys is a responsible travel organization based in Nepal specializing in community, adventure and eco-tours. We operate extensively in Nepal and also run special interest tours beyond Nepal. We are backed by a small, committed team of travel and development professionals, who really have a passion for what they are doing.

As the name suggests, we work exclusively with a social emphasis that supports responsible, ethical and sustainable travel. Special emphasis is placed on community-based tourism with the belief that local people should benefit from tourism, since without their involvement, tourism is not sustainable. This is a great opportunity to share culture, history and geography and help the people benefit from tourism initiatives. As our motto ‘travel with a purpose’ states, each person who arranges a trip with us will be the part of our positive effort to make a difference and contribute to the society while having fun. Your small effort could bring a great means of change to the rural society and be a cause for your joy and happiness during your holiday.

Our Mission: Social Journeys believes in tourism for sustainable development. We offer the best opportunity to explore and experience rural lifestyles and pristine eco-systems off the beaten track, while helping local communities benefit from tourism initiatives.

Our Values: Our values are shared beliefs about how we will work together. They direct our strategies and serve as the foundation of our performance.
• Provide professional services to ensure quality, comfort and safety
• Provide an amazing, enriching adventure that makes a positive difference
• Promote responsible tourism to bring socio-economic benefits to the local communities
• Promote sustainable tourism to balance the needs of travelers and the regions visited


Quality, comfort and safety: Quality service is the most important hallmark of our operation. We take all the necessary precautions to provide quality service to make you feel secure and comfortable. Through attending to the smallest details and taking care of every aspect of your trip, we make you feel very special.

Tailor made travel: In addition to our suggested standard itineraries, we provide tailor-made tours in order to better match your own individual preferences and desires. We arrange special itineraries to suit your preferred schedule, interests, group size, budget or specific requirements.

Travel in a small group: We travel in a small group with a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve fellow travelers. Traveling in such a small group allows us to visit places without any negative impacts to the environment and in order to maintain the local culture and native customs.

Responsible travel:
Social Journeys strongly acknowledges and endorses the principles of responsible tourism to ensure that our journeys are socially, economically and ecologically friendly and provide the maximum benefit to the local people and communities.

Exceptional Value:
Overall, we feel our services offer the best value for the money all around to the traveler and the agency. Social Journeys does not attempt to offer the cheapest tours. However, we do endeavor to offer the best deal and never compromise the quality of the service, making the journey ideal for everybody.

Our commitment:
We provide hassle-free planning and expertly handle all your trip logistics. All you need to do is open yourself to new experiences, visual wonders and great friendships. We assure you that your travel experience will be superior and authentic.

Financially Protected:
Social Journeys is a Nepal government approved company, registered as Company No. 41221/063/064 and licensed from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism with License No. 957/065. This means that travelers are 100% legally and financially protected.

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