Social Journeys Special: Socio-Adventure

Social Journeys enhance inter-cultural relationship while offering direct socio-economic benefits to the disadvantaged in remote villages through Community Tourism. Community Tourism is an income-generating activity, operated and interlinked with various components of community development model as an integral part of multifaceted approach to the alleviation of poverty. It is a group activity, and benefits are shared among as many villages and individuals as possible. Village home-stays encourage intercultural exchange, mutual understanding, and learning, all of which foster the sense of a 'global family.

Everest Region Educational Adventures
Exclusive educational adventure trips for students of all ages and abilities, where participant take part in various activities as an outdoor laboratory for experiential learning within an educational structure.
Langtang Region Socio-Adventures
Socio-Adventure, that offer Western travelers a deep insight into the culture of remote Nepalese communities through our history of working within the area, providing development solutions.
Langtang Region Voluntourism
If you feel you have something to contribute to the rural community, we are here to help you to provide an opportunity to put your efforts in that place, where your skill and experiences will be valued.
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